Gettin Ready To Give’r

I don't know what it is about the new year that gets me so motivated to turn over a new leaf. It's literally just me celebrating the earth doing a full rotation around the sun, and setting intentions based off of that. But I'm also Jewish, and Pagan, so I celebrate two other New Years … Continue reading Gettin Ready To Give’r


So Long, And Thanks For All The Licks

Grief is a strange thing to experience. It comes in waves, it ebbs and flows. I was riding out my grief and just when I thought I was doing a good job of managing it and getting better, I got hit with a tsunami of grief. It's a thing. I lost my mother just over … Continue reading So Long, And Thanks For All The Licks

Strangely Stable

I think I'm lost. The signs keep telling me that I am on the right path, how do I get to my destination? I have only a moral compass, no map or GPS. Do I stay where I am until help finds me, or do I bravely (and blindly) forge my own path? I know … Continue reading Strangely Stable

Click Here if You Want to Know More About Me

  Soooo, you want to know more about me? What can I say, I am a (little) bundle of crazy. Perhaps, if I may quote Anne Frank, "I am a little bundle of contradictions." Translated to English, mind you. Yes, maybe that fits better. I have a contradicting personality, you see. When I have thoughts, I … Continue reading Click Here if You Want to Know More About Me